“Rebecka is a phenomenal project leader, designer and team player. She demonstrates excellent communication skills and is a very dedicated individual who works long hours to accomplish her goals. Rebecca is creative, innovative and a stellar organizer. She is highly driven to reach whatever goals she sets but above all she is a super collaborator and knows how to get things done and have fun all at the same time.”
— Fellow Carilion Clinic Roanoke Memorial Hospital Project Leader

I worked with Rebecka on a Physician Engagement project for an internal client. Rebecka has a deep understanding of the Human Centered Design discipline and her approach to the ethnographic research & synthesis was professional, organized and client centric. She is extremely professional in her stakeholder interactions, and ensures there is continuous and well prepared communication throughout a project. Her deliverables are high quality and she is a true pleasure to work with!
— Project Manager, Optum

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Rebecka for a couple of years at Carilion Clinic as she led strategic Service Design and Human Centered Design projects. Rebecka’s work ethic, determination, and passion for our patients served as an inspiration to all those who worked with her. Rebecka’s work produced incredible insights and service solutions. I learned a great deal from Rebecka and miss working with her as she was such a valuable co-worker and a pleasure to work with.
— Project Manager, Carilion Clinic Roanoke Memorial Hospital

Rebecka has a positive attitude and knows how to make people feel at ease. She is great at concept generation and pushing ideation.
— Team Member, Optum

I found the analysis to be very thoughtful and focused. It brought the patient stories to life.
— Senior Vice President Quality, Carilion Clinic Roanoke Memorial Hospital

I highly recommend Rebecka Sexton as an accomplished senior designer who brings together many years of professional experience in design and research in the healthcare domain in the US and Sweden, her deep dive into the comprehensive ID Masters degree in Design Methods curriculum that expanded her knowledge base and business acumen, and her deep commitments to society,

Rebecka was a member in the Bienestar / Wellness Experience Research project that I led during the Fall 2009 and Spring 2010 semesters. The Bienestar project in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood took the Wellness Experience Research with special focus on diabetes into community health in collaboration with the Chicago Community Health Coalition. The project took a co-design (participatory design) approach in the collaboration with the families that participated. Rebecka’s many contributions - in her teamwork facilitation and cross-cultural sensibilities as well as the user research and design expertise she deployed — were key to our success.
— Institute of Design Faculty Member, Healthcare Reimagined

Rebecka has the rare gift of not only being an exceptional technical writer, but had that truly unique combination of an amazing graphic artist. These are talents often reserved for two different sides of the brain, and Rebecca mastered both. She was not only extremely talented but truly was a wonderful, caring person to work with. She would be a wonderfully creative, innovative, team player on any team
— Former Manager

I finally feel like there is a method to use what seems like common sense to help our patients.
— Rehabilitation Therapist, Carilion Clinic Roanoke Memorial Hospital